Monday, January 3, 2011

Jaxson's New Moves

Oh mes chers.  The Sheltie and the BeagHeeler next door have teamed up to become an unstoppable force...for evil.  I have enjoyed taunting Cricket (the BeagHeeler) since we were puppies because he can give as good as he gets and always bounces back with a protest.  He's a very tough little guy, and speedy to boot.  Not to mention his phenomenal ninja moves.  He is an expert at the elbow or hock grab and has jumped up to snatch the fur at the point of my shoulders multiple times--all at a dead run.  Sunday, however, it became apparent that my dear sweet Jaxson has learned these moves and upped the ante.  He goes right for my long, gorgeous tail!  Twenty-odd pounds of Sheltie bouncing along on your tail slows you down a bit, mes chers--more than enough for Kai and Cricket to gang up on me.  I suppose karma has finally caught up with me...

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