Sunday, September 26, 2010

Got Beauceron?

To say that my mom loves to shop for doggie things--especially Beauceron things--would be an understatement.  She combs the pages of every few days or so for new dog collars and collectibles.  We have, to date, a custom whimsical Beauceron pin from faunacouture, several handmade dog tags from makeyourdogsmile, a custom RuffHaus collar, and my wonderful classic portrait from millersye (featured in an earlier post).  But Mom has more things in mind...

Here are a few, mes chers, for your viewing pleasure!  You can find these items at any time on by searching for the name of the seller.

Silly Dog Magnets from blennox - Will make custom for breed!

Stunt Pup collar from collarmebadd - Mom wants to get this for me!

Salt and Pepper Shakers from dogiecraft - Seems like they would do whatever breed you wanted!

Sheltie Pin from faunacouture - She made a Beauceron pin for Mom!

Custom Breed Collage from geministudios - They will make one for your breed as a coffee, record company, or ice cream shop advertisement!

From HotDigital Dog - Mom wants another custom portrait for our wall!

From johnwgolden - Not only are these prints great, the artist is very kind as well.  He donated two Labrador prints for a rescue fundraiser at Petco last year!

kayannworks  pendant

nolaandspencer Ingrid collar -  Mom wishes I were a girl...

nolaandspencer wolfie collar - a little small for me but still cool nonetheless

PinkPupDesigns custom nativity - name your breed, mesdames et messieurs!  Mom REALLY wants Beauceron set!

PinkPupDesigns Star Wars dogs, as a set or singly, any breed - Words cannot express the awesomeness...

rubenaker Boston Terrier magnets!

rubenaker again - do they sell those glasses?!!

RuffHaus Remix dog collar - I have this and I rock it, mes chers

threeredtrees custom pet sculpture - most likely Mom's next etsy purchase

Tumus custom felt dog ornament, personalized by breed and name - I get an ornament every year and I bet this is the one for 2010!

For those of you unfamiliar with Etsy, you are missing out!  Handmade everything and anything!  Hide your credit cards...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


My first major!  Burlington, Iowa - August 6  Thank you Judge Mr. H. Slay for this honor!  Also to Judges Ms. Walkowicz and Mrs. T Gomez for awarding me Winners Dog the other two days--it was a clean sweep!


What a whirlwind week, mes amis!  Team MYV headed down to Ft. Mitchell, KY last Wednesday with 11 Beaucerons, expecting four more by Friday.  We stayed at the lovely Drawbridge Inn--most of us in that fancy new dog trailer.  I, however, made it into the hotel and charmed the sometimes unwilling masses with my good manners and cute face.  Mom was amazed at how well I did--I walked on a loose leash and barked but once or twice.  I was out to impress the girls, after all! I did get a little goofy when the California girls showed up but soon returned to my senses.  Mom and Adrienne Scott spent Thursday and Friday taking care of our sizable crew and meeting people.  Finding water for bathing was very...tricky.  After searching and searching for a working electrical socket, Mom climbed through the window of Adrienne's room in order to plug in our blower.  The rest of the gang arrived Friday evening and it was a marathon from then on!  Good times!

Ack!  I can't take it anymore!!!  It was a wonderful time of friends and food revolving around a well-run show (thank you American Beauceron Club!) and so much happened that I can't recount it all here.  I shall simply give you the end results...

I got Reserve Winners Dog!!  For those of you unfamiliar with the workings of dog shows, this means that I was the second best non-champion male!  I was eleven months old that day (just a puppy!)and we beat many other dogs before coming in second to a very impressive dog almost a year older than me and piloted by a professional handler.  We don't mind (very much) losing to good dogs, Mom and I.  The crowd erupted in applause when Judge Monsieur de Gids handed us our ribbons and plaque!  Mom was so proud of me!
My brother En Theos and I stood up with my mom dog, Chaumette, in the Brood Bitch class and she won, making Adrienne exceedingly happy:)

Mais la creme de la creme, mes amis--Signet Mes Yeux Vigilants, our breeder's 9 yr. old veteran, won Best In Specialty Show!  While making his closing comments at the banquet on the following evening, M. de Gids spoke very highly of our Sig--a good old-fashioned Beauceron that could have easily beat the winner of the Specialty at his club back in Holland.  If you could have seen Susan Bass' face, my Mom said, she was BEAMING the widest smile you can imagine.

The second day we had our Journee--in this case, a written evaluation against the breed standard by a French judge, M. Jean Larive.  I was a little squirmy during measuring--see how you feel when a stranger walks up and tries to put a measuring tape down the center of your muzzle!  But my brother En Theos and I received ratings of Tres Prometteur Select--the highest rating possible for puppies!  More rosettes and this time a medal to boot:)

So we are back in Columbia, exhausted and victorious.  When the professional pictures arrive, mes chers, we will post them immediately.  Thanks to everyone who sent prayers our way!