Sunday, September 26, 2010

Got Beauceron?

To say that my mom loves to shop for doggie things--especially Beauceron things--would be an understatement.  She combs the pages of every few days or so for new dog collars and collectibles.  We have, to date, a custom whimsical Beauceron pin from faunacouture, several handmade dog tags from makeyourdogsmile, a custom RuffHaus collar, and my wonderful classic portrait from millersye (featured in an earlier post).  But Mom has more things in mind...

Here are a few, mes chers, for your viewing pleasure!  You can find these items at any time on by searching for the name of the seller.

Silly Dog Magnets from blennox - Will make custom for breed!

Stunt Pup collar from collarmebadd - Mom wants to get this for me!

Salt and Pepper Shakers from dogiecraft - Seems like they would do whatever breed you wanted!

Sheltie Pin from faunacouture - She made a Beauceron pin for Mom!

Custom Breed Collage from geministudios - They will make one for your breed as a coffee, record company, or ice cream shop advertisement!

From HotDigital Dog - Mom wants another custom portrait for our wall!

From johnwgolden - Not only are these prints great, the artist is very kind as well.  He donated two Labrador prints for a rescue fundraiser at Petco last year!

kayannworks  pendant

nolaandspencer Ingrid collar -  Mom wishes I were a girl...

nolaandspencer wolfie collar - a little small for me but still cool nonetheless

PinkPupDesigns custom nativity - name your breed, mesdames et messieurs!  Mom REALLY wants Beauceron set!

PinkPupDesigns Star Wars dogs, as a set or singly, any breed - Words cannot express the awesomeness...

rubenaker Boston Terrier magnets!

rubenaker again - do they sell those glasses?!!

RuffHaus Remix dog collar - I have this and I rock it, mes chers

threeredtrees custom pet sculpture - most likely Mom's next etsy purchase

Tumus custom felt dog ornament, personalized by breed and name - I get an ornament every year and I bet this is the one for 2010!

For those of you unfamiliar with Etsy, you are missing out!  Handmade everything and anything!  Hide your credit cards...

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