Thursday, May 12, 2011

Long Time, No Post!

Bonjour, mes chers! Sorry it's been so long. The Tripp Trio has hit the ground running this past month.  Hiking, obedience and agility training, trips to the dog park, swimming--you name it, we've probably done it!
The Tripp Trio, precariously perched on the window seat

Jax's first day as shop dog
Jax's "Chick Magnet" tank--see how small he is beneath all that fur!
I am pleased to announce that I am a pretty stellar focused heeler and am no longer afraid of the agility teeter. Jax remembered all his training--even the scary weaves! Olive has been successfully introduced to the wobbleboard, flat boards, the sway gate, the pause table, and the weave poles. We try to practice three times a week!