Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Trouble Brewing...

Mes chers, my mom has gone off the deep end.  She started collecting stuff over a year in advance for me and now that she has put her name on the list for a little sister Beauceron in 2012, she has begun collecting again for the Year of H pup whom we will accordingly call "Harlot," or "Lottie" for short.  She ordered a PINK WIRE DOG CRATE off Amazon yesterday!!!  Here is what the abomination looks like:

Bubblegum pink, mes chers.  Bubblegum pink.  It matches the little sequined "necklace" she bought for Lottie a few weeks back, too.  Worst of all, Mom intends to set crate up when it arrives and fill it with all the toys she's saving--as if it were a piggy bank of fun!  Fun that I am not allowed to chew on.  Nevermind that she did the same thing for me.  Nevermind that Jax and I got four new toys yesterday.  Nevermind that I have a 33 gallon tote brimming with toys.    Sibling envy starts now!

1 comment:

  1. Oh Spur, get ready to be scolded anytime you even LOOK at one of your future sister's toys. I love my sister now, but I have to show her who is boss by being the master toy-stealer.
    That pink crate is pretty cute though.