Friday, December 31, 2010

Beauceron National Specialty 2010

For your viewing pleasure, you can link to the photos from the first ever Beauceron National Specialty here.  My mom and all our friends at Grand Paws and Mes Yeux Vigilants are there.  Since I'm sure every Beauceron looks the same to the untrained eye, you can find our photos by looking for Mom.  She is wearing a burgundy t-shirt in the Journee pics and a green dress in the Specialty.  For any newcomers, I won Reserve Winners Dog (!) in the Specialty and was rated Select (along with my bro, En Theos!) in the more informal Journee.  The good people at Equilibrio Studios took the photos and Mom has contacted them for prices so that we may add to my Wall of Fame:)
I can hardly believe that today is the last day of 2010!  We planned a celebratory hike before Mom went to work but were stopped by thunder and lightning just as we headed out to the car.  All dressed up and no place to go, we decided to train instead.  We worked on our basics--stays, finishes, targeting.  Then Mom put me through my paces with some newer stuff--backing up in heel position and our new, sure-to-please trick: Where's My Dog?  In this trick, Mom wanders around looking for me under and behind things, only to have me run up from behind and stick my head and shoulders between her legs.  We can even walk a ways like this as Mom continues to fret, "Where did my dog go?  I just can't find him!"   We think the kids at Petco will like this!
I also learned how to shut cabinet doors today, generalizing it to the refrigerator door and the front door as well.  I wanted to learn how to open the doors too, but Mom refused.  I don't think she trusts me, mes chers!
Well, Jax and I must get gloriously muddy in the backyard of Faurot before we are subjected to baths at Petco!  A demain!


  1. where is the link? maybe i'm just super slow.

  2. It's ok--click on the word "here." I didn't realize the link would be so close to the color of the text.