Monday, December 27, 2010

Quick Christmas Update!

Joyeux Noel, mes chers!  I trust you all had a safe and enjoyable holiday.  I hadn't been very hungry on Christmas Eve and so awoke Mom at 4 on Christmas morning with a VERY GROWLY stomach.  I was sleeping in her bed, on my back, with my derriere on her pillow and my head mashed into a nook in the blankets by her hip.  Sleeping peacefully, I might add.  The terrible noises emanating from my stomach convinced Mom, however, that I was going to sick up on the bed and so she dragged me outside into the cold, wet snow.  Once outside, I stood there and looked at her with a most pitiable expression--why had she dragged me from our warm bed and dumped me in the snow?  I finally did my business and we trudged back inside where I abruptly congealed to the bed once again while Mom rustled up some breakfast.  Mes chers, I don't get up until 7 am at least and I don't eat until after 9 on most days so I don't know what this poor woman was thinking as she tried to handfeed me kibble at 4:20 am.  When I refused for the umpteenth time, she sat back to look at me and, correctly determining that I was not in any real danger or pain, let me weave into the bathmat while she took a shower.  I claimed the second bathmat for my own and spread out over the two of them on my back once again, attempting to continue my long winter's nap.  My stomach was still gurgling to like two warring opossums when she stepped out of the shower, so Mom pulled out the big guns--canned food!!!!  I was awake and at the counter like a shot, watching with rapt anticipation.  Once I ate my breakfast, mes chers, we dragged a bleary-eyed Jaxson from his kennel and piled into the car.
Once at Faurot, we were released into the backyard to visit Brittany while Mom carried our things inside.  Santa was very good to us this year:)  I got a laser toy and a new Alligator!  Jax got an Orbee Lightbulb treat dispenser and we got to share a rope wreath.  I have proudly carried Alligator all over the house and Jax has been very entertained by the lightbub.  Between the three of us, we managed to put away an entire bag of Christmas treats from Treats Unleashed:)  And so we spent the day frolicking and chasing Anatole, coming inside for hugs and to warm up every now and again.  All in all, a very good way to spend Christmas:)

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