Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Busy Beauceron Hits Facebook! (And Twitter)

The time has come, mes chers!  The Busy Beauceron now has a Facebook page and I have my own profile page.  Jax wants one, too--we shall see.  Anywho, please Like me on Facebook...
You may also follow my candid thoughts on Twitter --  I am @BusyBeauceron  !!!
My favorite chew, employee has returned to Petco--Sean!  He did not know that I have grown wily in the months since his departure and have learned how to guess which aisle the prey/person will run down when they turn a corner and can therefore cut them off quite easily.  It was with great glee on my part and a little surprise on his when he turned the corner to find me barreling towards him!
I have been practicing my obedience at Petco (as has Jax) and have impressed many a passerby.  I can Down/Stay all the way at the end of the main aisle until Mom calls me and she had both Ira and Sean walk very closely around me and even step over me several times while she looked on about 10 feet away.  I finished Left and Right, did my jumping touches, struck a moment of melancholy in my Play Dead--I was on fire today, mes chers!  The compliments poured in and so did the petting:)  I know how to work a crowd.
One of my biggest fans was a family with a very active 2 year old boy.  I stopped the little rascal in his tracks with a huge kiss across the face.  Huge, amazed smile!  They ended up taking pics of me with their kid--me kissing him, him hanging on me, etc.  I was more than happy to pose and the kid genuinely liked me.  Mom was very proud how calm I was as he laughed and screeched, touched my ears and dewclaws, and all that jazz.
Christmas clearance has finally hit Petco.  Mom bought Jaxson and I the most embarrassing matching jackets.  I mean, they're cute on Jaxson--he looks like Little Red Riding Hood--but me in snowflake polarfleece with a TEENY hood that cannot fit over my huge hears?  I have my dignity!  But I wear it, for Mom says I must.  She laughs at me the entire time, too...  We also got Santa hats and Jax got a tiny pair of antlers to take home with him for next year.  And cookies.  Lots of cookies:)  The cookie jars at home were filled with mere crumbs and that, mes chers, is unacceptable!
Well, I must go for now--dinner time!

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