Saturday, August 21, 2010


Since it's been so hot lately, I've not been allowed to sleep on the bed with Mom:(  She says that my panting shakes the bed too much...  Anyway, I still have my nice and cushy Molly Mutt Robot Bed and Mom drags it over by the big bed so I don't feel too left out.  She sets out the fan each night so that it blows on both of us.  Each morning, however, we awake to find my bed moved over towards the closet...and the fan turned to face my bed.  Mom, certain that she doesn't sleepwalk, is blaming me for moving it!  Three days in a row now!  She cites my problem-solving capability exemplified during our trip to Burlington with Adrienne.  My nylon crate lay at the foot of the bed Mom and I were sharing.  My water bucket hung from a strap in the doorway of the crate on the inside.  Thirsty from tugging and playing, Mom watched as I reached down and took the handle of the bucket in my mouth.  I lifted it out of the crate and set it on the foot of the bed, getting a good drink before accidentally tipping it off the edge.  Mom was quite impressed...not so impressed with my alleged fan-moving abilities.  I have received strict instructions concerning tonight's accommodations.  I have my alibi in place.  I'm blaming the dust bunnies.

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  1. Hi Kate! It's Ashley and Godiva, we love your blog! You are really good at blogging. Spur's pictures are so cute! Where did you have the pictures taken? Our blog is, you will have to check it out because I mentioned you in a post back last winter. =) Hope all is well, good luck in your next dog show!