Saturday, August 28, 2010


Mom received this photo of me just the other day from Adrienne, who owns my mom dog, Chaumette.  Adrienne admitted on a recent show trip that she sent out--indeed, even had in her possession--few photos of me as a pup for fear that someone unworthy (i.e. - not my mom) would see my good looks and lay claim on me in advance.  Apparently I've always been quite a stud;)

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  1. I just read your post on our blog! We miss you also. Godiva is still trying to recover from her leg surgery. It turned into a nonhealing wound and now we are doing laser treatments. It is finally looking a bit better, but we have three more weeks of laser treatments scheduled. We can be active until our leg heals, but after that Grindstone would be fun. Godiva would love to come to bday party!!!