Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Tiny House For Spur (and Jax) (and a Malinois...sometime)

Mom has got it into her head that she is going to build her own house, and not just any house--a tiny house.  Yes, we three shall be living in a house under 800 sq feet (perhaps with wheels) on a plot of land yet to be determined. I blame Grandpa--he showed her the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company Catalog over which she went into ecstasy.  She was uncontrollably giddy, mes chers. It was a terrifying sight! She says we live in a pretty small house now and we don't use all of it--it just holds all the stuff that we don't use. And, she added, we pay lots of money to heat/cool this crappily made house, money that could be better spent on other things. Images sprang to mind of more dog classes and more dog toys, treats, etc. and I could feel my tail start to wag... but what about exercise?! Land, Mom says, we'll have Land--or park on someone else's Land with permission and hike to our heart's content. Since Land is expensive yet vital to our happiness, our house must therefore be of a reasonable cost and energy efficient so that we may afford said Land. The tiny house solves this problem--many of them can be built for about $20k.  Mom says the mortgage would be cheaper than our rent right now...
Some tiny houses are built on trailers, so you can take them anywhere!

The Harbinger by Tumbleweed--not movable but still small!

The Loring - Mom has a soft spot for bungalows!

Interior of a Tiny House

Tumbleweed Founder Jay Shafer and his EPU house

The Whidbey, another favorite

Concept drawing for the inside of the Whidbey
Check it out, ya'll! And if you want to join us with your own Tiny House, we could have a Pocket Neighborhood!


  1. That is a really neat idea. We have read about a few here in Portland. I like the way the IKEA stores have display areas, to show living in 500 sq. ft. or 800 sq. ft. Totally do-able! And all the money you save can be used for travel and things that really matter (dog stuff).

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  2. Very interesting! It's easy to maintain/clean a tiny house like that!

  3. i have been thinking about the one i want to build...

  4. Great little houses......so far removed from the McMansions! (We nearly live in one....tiny...not big.)

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  5. Great post... Hope you are able to get one! I've been into these for a few years now but have yet to start building my own. Would feel awesome to live so simple.

  6. Now if we could get IKEA to stop manufacturing using hardwoods from Russian forests with 600 year old trees. I love these small houses...Esp. if they are built with sustainable or salvaged materials...Good luck with the little houses!