Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pack of Four

Cricket and Courtney are back!  So now Jax can run with a dog his size;)  All handlers and dogs have ventured out on the new trail that Longtail Patrol, Division 3 had discovered earlier this week, along the High Ridge and over Duppin Bridge.  It's the best trail ever, secluded and varied in terrain and animal life.  We see lots of birds at particular junction where forest,marsh, and creek meet--often a blue heron in the morning and once a kingfisher.  I have several favorite swimming holes (even in this colder weather) and run swiftly through the creek, lapping water as I go.  Mom fancies me a noble dog of Bretagne legend or Rosemary Sutcliffe novel when she sees me do this.
Today, our pack of four climbed a fallen tree.  I was even able to do it since it was a much wider tree than the one we'd previously tried.  Mom was exceedingly proud of me, and of Jaxson--he had no reservations about leaping onto and off a tree 2-4 feet from the ground in places.  Jax must have been feeling his oats after this, for he led the charge onto the sandy beach and led us on several merry trips through the brush before Kai took the lead.  To top it all off, Jax even went into the water of his own accord to get a drink for the first time ever!
Crossing the creek again in between the Capen and Quarry bridges, we had a beach party!  I initiated a game of Chase the Dog (me!) Who Has the Stick and everyone joined in for quite some time.  All in all, a most enjoyable outing:)

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