Sunday, November 21, 2010

In Which Jaxson Pretends He Is Evil Knievel

Oh my goodness.  Cricket, Kai, and I took Jax took The Field today for the first time and had a grand time running about, chasing one another in turns.  Tongues long, we three regular attenders bounded down to the creek in our usual spot and Jax padded along behind.  We skittered down a huge fallen tree just above the water line and made it to the sandbar in the middle of the creek.  Becky, Kai's mom, climbed up on this fallen tree that arches 6-7 feet above the creek.  Kai and Cricket love to climb trees and have followed her up there several times.  She readjusted the Ziploc bag in which her treats were kept and all our ears pricked.  Cricket ran up and I tried to follow but Jaxson ran under my legs and knocked us both off into the water.  I pulled myself out of the creek just in time to see a blue merle flash charge up the tree past Cricket to claim a prize.  Jaxson!  Mom called him back down with a treat in hopes of getting him away from the tree but he would not hear of it.  He ran up and down the tree several times, collecting treats at each end, even after Becky climbed down.  

Jaxson the Wonder Dog
I also have other photos that haven't been posted yet, so I guess I'll do that now...

Duppin Bridge

My first backpacking excursion, at Three Creeks.  My pack was filled with towels, so when I took a dip in the creek on the way back, my load suddenly became much heavier!

In the Branches at Gans Creek

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