Thursday, October 28, 2010

You know you're one of us when...

...we take you hiking at least once a day:)  Jaxson has put some serious miles on those little white paws of his this past week!  We went hiking TWICE on Sunday.  We were driving Mom crazy by wrestling all over the couch and throwing all the pillows and cushions on the floor, so she whisked us into the BeauceMobile and drove us to Gans Creek.  Lovely morning hike!  Once we reached the open forest, I caught a strange scent and charged of to investigate.  Two HUGE black birds exploded from the brush.  I didn't get a good look at first I admit, mes amis, because I was high-tailing back the way I'd come for a good twenty yards...until my curiosity got the better of me.  They kind of smelled like chicken and I really like chicken and I hadn't eaten breakfast yet.  I skidded to a stop and bolted after them.  They took flight briefly and I heard Mom's call.  I stopped, twitching to go after them but ran back for a treat and then took off until Mom called me again.  I came, watching wistfully as the two birds descended on the other side of the fence.  Mom was very proud of me, however, and gave me lots of treats so it wasn't a total loss.
On the way back, the ground began to rumble.  Jaxson and I milled about uneasily, sniffing.  Mom was the one who saw the beasts first--a whole line of them with two heads: one human with a strange black cover on top and one head was long with huge nostrils on one end and tall pointy ears at the other.  And there were at least six of them.  "Oh," Mom said.  She pulled us off to the side and the beasts ambled by.  Jax and I let loose a volley of furious threats concerning the imminent violence that should occur if they should come near OUR person.  Mom, for her part, seemed very unconcerned and kept telling me to just look.  I tried to do my best and finally succeeded when we ran into the next group of them further down the trail.  Jax hasn't learned the Look At That! game yet so he was still pretty freaked out.
The second hike was with Becky and Kai at the Grasslands.  We found an entire deer leg but weren't allowed to eat it:( 
Hiked Monday in lots of wind and many birds and Mom let Jax drag his leash.  He really enjoyed the extra freedom, he said, and I was happy too--bounding around in circles.  Mom said I was a banshee and Jaxson a wood sprite.
On Tuesday, we were legit lost for one hour of our 2.5 hour hike.  Mom's first detour was spot on--we walked about a mile and a half down a dry creek bed and joined back up with our old familiar trail.  The second, well, it was a nice try.  We ended up on a huge bluff in a campground we've never even heard of before.  Mom was proud that I could always find a trail, if not THE trail, so we just had to double back the way we'd come.  Jax had received off-leash status had a great time, except for the two times he had to ford a creek on his own.  The water was only 6 inches deep so I did tease him a little:)

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