Monday, October 18, 2010


Today was the first annual Spur Day, mes chers.  I woke up this morning to singing and a ear rub, then off to Gans Creek for a hike.  It was a gloriously crisp morning and Mom was surprised that I still took my customary dip in the creek.  Back at home, Mom introduced me to Mr. Greedy Goblin--a plush goblin (complete with armpit hair) from one of her co-workers.  I flipped him about and rolled around on the bed with him in my jaws for a good long while, completely content.  It was all Mom could do to try to pack Mr. Greedy in my bag and get us out the door.
A trip to Treats Unleashed garnered me a Flossie and a new Molly Mutt duvet!  I still bark like a maniac when I walk in that door--the only place I do that!  It is my all-time favorite place in the whole wide world and I just can't help myself...

My new bed
I spent the afternoon napping on my new bed in between bouts of chasing Anatole, who is in very sad shape.  Most of his outer foam has come away to reveal drool-stained canvas--and even that is starting to become a bit thin.  You might be hearing about a soccer ball funeral soon:(
When Mom returned from teaching at CCSC, she and the rest of the Faurot clan surprised me with a stack of treats!  Oddly enough, they put a little green stick in the treats and lit the thing on fire.  I was flabbergasted.  Why on earth would they burn perfectly good treats?!  I leaned as far as I could over the side of my pen, trying in vain to rescue said confections as the humans all just stood around and smiled, singing the same repetitive song with which Mom had awakened me this morning.  Just as I was about to lose it completely and jump ship for an emergency rescue, Mom blew the fire out and handed me the plate...yes, Grandpa--I licked off one of your white plates--but it's washable!!  I gulped down the morsels, all the while keeping an eye on the big red lighter in Grandma's hands...

Oh--the celebration actually started yesterday, mes chers.  Mom invited my doggie friends to meet us at Grindstone Park for a party!
The Party Table with a view of the Egg and Spoon Race in the background

Those lucky enough to attend were:
Riley the Irish Setter
McCartney the Corgi Mix
Charlemagne the Terrier Mix
Colt the Heeler
Teddy the Shepherd Mix
Finnegan the Border Collie
Rusty the Heeler Mix
Introductions were a bit rough since we were all so hyped but we got straight into the games.  We bobbed for hot dogs first...or tried, rather.  Colt was the only one who figured out to just hold his breath as he stuck his snout into the water to snatch up the bits of hot dog!  The rest of us had a little help...

Colt--the undisputed winner

McCartney the eager beaver






The Egg and Spoon Race came next--with fake eggs.  Mom apparently didn't trust us with real eggs:)  A quick practice round favored Ira and Colt but in the end it was Riley that prevailed in the end across a long field with Katie and Finn a close second.
Finally, we threw our mats down for a rousing and competitive game of Musical Mats (Mom says that all you humans use chairs for this game, but she thought it a hazard with dogs).  I was out at Round 3 but Teddy claimed victory in the end.  And then...
Mom made me do tricks for little bits of cake.  As a side note, I can do lots of stuff on hand signal when a piece of liver and peanut butter cake is on the line...
Me and my Mom:)

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