Friday, July 15, 2011

Mom's New Plan

The dream of a Tumbleweed Tiny House still fresh in her mind, Mom made the decision that we also need a small farm.  While the prospect of my very own woods--through which I will romp and bark all day long--fills me tail-wagging joy, Mom says I must also share this Promised Land with some new animals BESIDES Jaxson and Olive...
She communicated this brilliant scheme to me with wild gesticulations, her usual rapid-fire speech, and a strange amalgam of smells on her jeans: grass, feather, and fur.  She had been deep in foreign territory.  My sniffs were so intoxicating that all I managed to catch from her were a few key phrases: "adorable goats" and "charismatic chickens."  I remember these quite well, mes chers, due to their accompanying, prickly emotion: I believe you would say I was "miffed."  Such desirable adjectives were often (and, I had believed, solely) applied to ME. And here was my own Mom bandying them about willy-nilly on farm animals.  I ceased to sniff and fixed her in my signature "sad puppy" stare, but it failed to rouse even the tiniest bit of sympathy from her!  I began to worry that she had lost her mind due to the heat, mes chers, especially when she showed me the photos on her Blackberry.  I show them to you now, so that you may judge:

Behold, the Chicken! My, what a feathery, charismatic bird!

The "Adorable"Goat

The Adorable Goat and Her Equally Adorable Family

The Adorable Goat, eating what I am sure MUST be an Adorable Plant
Me, just in case you've forgotten.  You can also find me in the dictionary under "adorable" and "charismatic."  Under "charming," too.  And "awesome"...
Mom says I will like these new "friends."  I am sure I will like to CHASE and EAT them, but I did not tell her that.  I'll bet "adorable" tastes pretty good.  Almost as good as "charismatic."

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  1. They are cute.....but just remind them who's top dog!

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella