Saturday, February 26, 2011

Faiza Mes Yeux Vigilants

Jaxson went home last Friday, mes chers, and I spent the rest of the evening making periodic trips to the window to look for him. I'd grown accustomed to having him around--after all, he was with us for four months! I climbed into bed with a sigh that night, preparing to be an "only dog" once again...
And then SHE arrived.
I sensed that something was afoot when Mom set out all the puppy toys and put a towel inside the pink crate she had purchased for Beauceron Puppy 2012. Now you must understand--my Mom prepares for a puppy at least one year in advance, so it wasn't so much the fact that we have the stuff in our house but that she was rearranging it with great deliberation that gave me pause. Sure enough, I was hustled into my crate late in the afternoon and Mom disappeared outside, only to return with the pudgiest little Beauceron puppy I've ever seen--my niece, in fact, on three week loan from my home kennel. Faiza is her registered name.  Mom and I prefer to call her FayFay or Piranha. Occasionally we get really wild and call her TIME OUT!!

Faiza's first hike - she wants to go wherever Uncle Spur goes!

That's right, ladies and gentlemen--that cute little face hides the sharpest teeth north of the Amazon.

A chip off the old block!
Sorry for the quality of the photos--Mom's digital is on the fritz and so those above were taken with her Blackberry.  For the next set of photos, we go old school and use REAL film in the form of the archaic "disposable camera."

I could retrieve this battered soccer ball all day!

We stripped our usually quilted and colorful couch down to bare bones because piranhas really like to chew fair trade weaving!

A brief moment of peace--Faiza has gone to the kitchen for a drink.

If you're a Grindstone regular, this is the washed-out trail.
Brief rest
Not so brief, I guess!

Brit has been very tolerant of all newcomers to her yard:)

It will soon be time for yet another soccer ball!


  1. That Faiza is adorable. Hope you are teaching her the right things, and not just things that will get her in trouble.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. Hey Spur, Faiza is so cute! You sure are going to have fun with her aren't you dude!