Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Daily Barker - DOGS DIG TO CHINA

Columbia, MO - Many dogs have tried, but Spur and Brittany Tripp have finally succeeded.  In an unprecedented feat of excavating prowess, the 9 month-old Beauceron and 9 year-old Labrador have pierced the globe with a tunnel from their wooded backyard in Missouri to the farmland of the southeast Yunnan Province in the People's Republic of China.  "I just wanted some cool dirt to lie in," says Brittany placidly from the shade of an oak tree.  "And then Idiot Puppy over there got involved and it [the digging] just seemed like an easy way to keep him from bugging me for the afternoon.  I had no idea he'd take it this far but frankly I'm not surprised." 
When approached for comment, a mud-caked Spur could not stop from zooming up and down the hills of what now resembles a motocross track in the once landscaped Tripp backyard.  Between his lightning quick passes by the microphones, our reporters managed to catch the puppy's only comment on the situation: "I...JUST...LOVE...TO...RUUUUNNNNN!!!!  WHEEEEEE!!!!!"

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